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Celtic necklace, Druid, tree of life pendant, shaman talisman, empath protection amulet, zodiac necklace

Celtic necklace, Druid, tree of life pendant, shaman talisman, empath protection amulet, zodiac necklace

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Materials & Dimensions

    • Material: pure copper, gemstone
    • Stone: tiger's eye
    • Finishing: oxidized and polished
    • Size: 30x45 mm
    • One of a kind piece


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    • Departs within 1-2 days of purchase.
    • Shipping to USA, UK, Europe takes 1-3 weeks
    In the quiet sanctuary of a Druid's chamber, mystical treasures adorn the sacred space. Among them hangs a tree of life pendant, its branches reaching toward the heavens, symbolizing the interconnectedness of all living beings. Nearby, a shaman talisman radiates with ancient power, a conduit to the spirits of nature. An empath protection amulet, crafted with care, offers solace and shielding to the sensitive soul. And amidst these sacred artifacts, a zodiac necklace glimmers, aligning the wearer with the celestial energies that govern their path. Together, these treasures form a harmonious ensemble, guiding the Druid on their journey of spiritual attunement and cosmic wisdom
    Pendant is 100% handmade, one of a kind and unique. Original design by Artarina
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    Shipping Details


    ◉ We support full international shipping to any country

    ◉ Parcel departs from Kharkiv (Ukraine) same or next day of purchase.

    ◉ Each parcel has a valid track number.

    ◉ Shipping to USA, UK, Europe takes 8-30 days

    ◉ During Christmas holidays shipping can take more time because of overloaded mail services.

    Care Instruction

    ◉ Keep your pendant in a dry dark place, and try to avoid contact with household chemicals and aggressive chemical environment (remove when painting hair, etc.).

    ◉ To maintain patina contrast, it is not recommended to use aggressive methods for cleaning jewelry (boiling in chemicals, using acids), since there is a risk of damaging some natural stones and minerals, and completely removing patina from the metal.

Copper gets darken with time. To return the original shine, simply wipe the convex sections on your necklace (in case of severe darkening it is permissible to apply a little toothpaste on a dry cloth), and then rinse the product with water and wipe it with a soft textile

    ◉ You can use old toothbrush and liquid dishwasher (like Fairy for example) to clean your necklace

    Returns policy

    If, for some reason, the pendant does not satisfy you - you can contact us and ship item back within 14 days of delivery.