• Jennifer

    Absolutely perfectly crafted! Unique and Thank you for sharing your talents with us all!

  • Robert

    This is my 3rd pendant from her. They are amazing. So well made, and original. No one has anything like them here. The soldering and wire wrapping is spot on. Sorry about all the fur in the pic. It’s hard to catch the flash of the labradorite when taking the pic myself.

  • Joltrast

    Beautiful piece. Took a while to get here but worth it.

  • Elizabeth

    This is more delicate than the other pieces I have ordered from them, which I love for my daughter as it is a birthday gift for her. It is sturdy and well made and simply stunning. It arrived with plenty of time for her birthday and was really well packaged. I’m very excited to give it to her!

  • Elizabeth

    This is a beautiful work of art that arrived very quickly which surprised me. I love this even more than I thought I would.

  • Elizabeth

    This seller is always incredible. The jewelry looks exactly as pictured but it is even more magical. I also could not believe how quickly it arrived given circumstances. I love it. ❤️❤️

  • Lisa Lee

    beautiful, great artist, will buy again. this is my second one and i have ordered 4 from this seller in the past few months. order one and you will feel the energy. Highly recommend this seller and her incredibly positive energy with her stone pendant.

  • Pcwrap

    This pendant is even more beautiful in person which I wouldn’t have thought possible! It is simply gorgeous! I am absolutely going to keep my eye on this shop!

  • Kay

    The design is enchanting and the labradorite is stunning. It's such a magical piece of art that makes me feel happy. I love it so much!

  • Jennifer

    Just as amazing as I expected! The craftsmanship is superb! Thank you 😊

  • Lisa Lee

    OH MY GOD. this pendant is THE MOST BEAUTIFUL pendant i have ever bought. THIS artist is great. IT LOOKS much much more beautiful than the pictures. ORDER one and you will wear this all day every day. TRUST ME.

  • Agibson

    Beautiful work. Thank you!

  • Robert

    Love this pendant. The work on itis amazing and so well thought out. I am very happy with it and still happy with the one I bought a few years ago.

  • Multicolored labradortie natural stone wire wrapped necklace pendant


    Thank you so much for this amazing pendant! I have been a huge fan of this shop for quite a while now, and finally decided to make my first purchase. The pendant is absolutely gorgeous, and the craftsmanship is impeccable. I will certainly be buying more from this shop in the future. Sending my best wishes to you and your family during this incredibly difficult time. ❤🇺🇦

  • Wire wrapped black obsidian necklace on man


    Absolutely stunning. I knew I loved this pendant in the photos, but the reality is even more striking. This is the perfect necklace for me

  • Christyczerak

    This is probably one of the most beautiful pendants I own now. Somehow, even prettier in person

  • Ryan

    Absolutely amazing craftsmanship. Will buy more!

  • Andrew

    Absolutely love it. Wonderful work and great design. Such beautiful execution from a talented artist.

  • Евгений Тараненко

    Кулон красивейший, отличная работа мастера. Общаться с продавцом было приятно)

  • Wire wrap neckalce in steampunk outfit on person


    Absolutely beautiful, exactly like in the photos. Amazing artist with an attention to details with a smooth flowing design. She was very helpful and the item arrived ahead of schedule. She replied to all of my questions promptly and was patient, professional, understanding, helpful and friendly. I am definitely happy with my purchase and with the artist.

  • Joanna

    Gorgeous as Always!! The most beautiful creations ❤️❤️

  • Liz

    Absolutely beautiful craftsmanship. I got this as a gift for my husband and he loves the design!

  • Игорь Гончар

    Ці прикраси ручної роботи справжня знахідка! Моя кохана полюбляє такий формат, тому без зайвих вагань обрав із великого асортименту. Продавець дуже швидко надає відповідь, навіть неочікувано швидко, не дивлячись на вечір вихідного дня!) Така ж швидка була й відправка замовлення. Дякую за створення такої краси та настрою!)

  • Waterlilly

    This is the 5 th pendant I have bought from Atarina. Her workmanship is beyond compare. The beauty of these pendants are stunning !!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Cleverie

    The most beautiful piece of jewelry! Thank you so much! my daughter loved it! 😍

  • Copper wire wrapped necklace with natural moonstone


    The pendant is beyond Beautiful!
    The craftsmanship is amazing and so well thought through and yet, it feels effortless and magical. Thank you, it will be cherished:)

  • Gwendalynn

    Shipping to the US took a while but it was well worth the wait. These are even more beautiful in person. Absolutely stunning. Thank you

  • Spiral wire wrapped necklace pendant


    Absolutely beautiful and worth the wait!

  • Brad

    Pavel & Arina are EXTREMELY gifted artists. I looked for hours for the right pendant piece. I am an artist myself and I never imagined/envisioned the piece I bought. But when I saw it I knew that was the piece I was searching for. Their work stands out creatively & technically. I'm extremely picky and detail oriented. This piece is....just....ME!!! Thank you so much

  • Copper wire wrapped moonstone pendant on chest


    Absolutely gorgeous! I actually said WOW when I unboxed my it. It looks just like in the picture, but more awe-strucking in person. The order was processed and shipped very, very quickly (same day/next day). Very happy with my necklace! It's truly a work of art.

  • Raven

    Such a powerful gem! Great quality & beautiful setting!

  • Bethany

    I love my beautiful pendant. It's absolutely beautiful. I'm also a return customer. They are amazing and well made.

  • Laura

    Stunning piece of art! Thank you so much!!

  • Andrew

    This necklace is fantastic. From the pictures, I didn't notice that the stone has an array of colors. The cord is even nicely matched to the wire wrapping.

    The post office happened to misplace the item, so it took a while for them to deliver it. However, Arina was gracious enough to quickly help alleviate the concerns I had.

  • Brandon

    This necklace is exquisite. It looked amazing in the pictures, but it truly blew my mind when I saw it in person. I can’t wait to order more from this shop.

  • Multicolored labradorite copper necklace made from wire in blue gift box


    Always an incredible buying experience and even more incredible work. thank you so much!!

  • Copper wirewrap necklace on person


    Absolutely amazing piece! A rare find! Shipped promptly!

  • Maria

    The most gorgeous unique pendant. Beyond my expectations!

  • Sabrina

    Very unique pendant, love it!

  • Оля Криворучко

    Спасибо за быстрый отклик и доставку! И, конечно же, за прекрасный кулон)))

  • Rodney

    Beautiful as pictured. arrived on time. very happy

  • Jasper rustic pagan copper necklace


    Vraiment beau et arrivé en seulement deux semaines. La qualité du pendentif correspond à sa description

  • Grey and white cat demonstrating copper necklace with labradorite stone


    It came right in time for my birthday so beautiful thank you so much

  • Ryan

    Everything is amazing. shipping took less time than I had thought it would!

  • Марина Лебедева

    Волшебной красоты кулон. Превзошел все ожидания. Очень утонченная авторская работа. Большое спасибо!

  • Brown copper necklace with dark brown gemstone


    This was my second purchase and everything went fine again :D the pendant came in good condition from Ukraine to Germany. It's really artists work, soooo beautiful and like on the picture. I am happy with it, thank you VE<rY much!

  • Morgusna

    Absolutely beautiful pendant, fast delivery and very good service. thank you 😊

  • Caleb

    This is amazing. I gave it to my fiancée as a part of her engagement gifts and it looks incredibly beautiful on her. Thank you!

  • Moonstone and labradorite copper and brass handcrafted necklace


    I love this!!

  • Yellow and green labradorite stone wire wrapped copper necklace in hand


    What a unique and exquisite piece of art! I love it. I can't wait to see what you create next.

  • Leila

    I’m in love with this necklace. The seller is really very thoughtful and everything came very well security. Loved the box that it came on.

  • Энвер Менадиев

    Оригинально, изящно, тонко и со вкусом. Спасибо!

  • Leila

    I just loved this earrings. It came in a lovely box, very cute.

  • Patti

    Beautiful Lairmar stone. Thank you. I will treasure both pieces I bought. Your are inspiring.

  • Patti

    Awesome work. Haven’t seen anything like it before. You are very talented. I’ll be back.

  • Solid sterling silver striking jewelry pendant with natural moonstone


    I am thrilled with my pendant. It was beautiful in the pictures but the artisanry of this piece is stunning in person.

    The pendant was packaged with great care. I highly recommend this shop.

  • Ashley

    Even more beautiful in person.. excellent craftsmanship!!

  • Long rustic boho copper necklace with bright natural stone


    Wow! Such a beautiful piece of art. It’s a lot bigger than I thought! A pleasant surprise. You can tell that a lot of time and effort was put into the piece.

  • Greg

    The pictures don't do this pendant justice, it's gorgeous. The craftsmanship is exquisite. It did take a while to ship, but from Ukraine to the US I honestly expected it to take longer. 10/10, A+ seller!

  • Tasha

    Wow! What an astonishingly beautiful pendant, really well made and a lovely stone - thank you!

  • Jennifer

    Absolutely beautiful so well wrapped with so much thought put into it 💛

  • Nur

    A perfect gift. Good quality and shipped on time

  • Caroline

    Everything went well with shipping and packing - I was suprised the pendant came in a little box :) it is really a beautiful piece of art. I love it and will watch new offers of the shop! Thank you!

  • Mens rustic wire wrapped copper pendant on chain


    I can’t stress this enough.. this pendent is a work. of. art.

    It’s absolutely beautiful & I’m in love. The piece feels heavy and looks very well made and the fact that it’s a one of a kind piece is even better. I HIGHLY recommend this artist for anyone looking for a wonderfully unique piece.

    *I bought the bronze chain, it comes with an 18 inch suede cord*

  • Emrys

    This pendent is absolutely gorgeous! I feel in love the moment I saw it and it is even more beautiful in person! The quality is amazing and I love all of the tiny details. I have already gotten many compliments on it’s uniqueness and it’s fiery piece of labradorite. Overall I am very happy with my purchase!

  • Blue opal coppper wire wrapped necklace pendant


    Amazing work as always. I'll purchase something again when there's a blue labradorite piece that I like.

  • Celeste

    These spirals are a wonder to behold. So tiny and delicate but so much detail.

    Both orders were carefully packed. Shipping takes a while to US, but doesn't everything now? I wouldn't hesitate to buy again.

  • boulder chrysoprase copper wire wrapped necklace pendant


    I was obsessed with the design of this pendant when I first saw it. The upper circle appears to float. This isn't just incredibly beautiful wire work. It's magic. The solders are invisible. The reverse is as beautiful as the front. And the chrysoprase is mated perfectly with the dark copper.

  • Evan

    It was a bit smaller than I expected, and believe it was listed as as well, but it's wonderful still. Thank you!

  • Полина Полкопина

    Прекрасное исполнение и оригинальный дизайн! Осталась довольна покупкой)

  • Long deep blue sodalite copper necklace


    Absolutely amazing artwork! I saw it online but in person its even more beautiful!

  • Jenn

    I absolutely love this necklace! I’ve received many compliments on it. It’s even more stunning in person.

  • Collin

    A beautiful piece of jewelry. My partner loved it. Thank you!

  • Дарина Чернишева

    Заказ прибыл очень быстро, украшения в точности соответствуют фотографиям. Работа очень тонкая, камни хорошо подобраны и обработаны, меняют цвет в зависимости от освещения. Сама подвеска снимается со шнурка (размер застёжки позволяет), при желании его можно заменить на другой.

  • Black agate copper wire wrapped pendant necklace


    I can't really say much other than every piece you design is a masterpiece and I look forward to your next designs.

  • Federico

    It's beautiful thank you so much!

  • Copper hippie necklace


    Soooo gorgeous!! I am in love with these artistic creations!! Thank you so much for being so awesome!!

  • Blue labradorite copper neckalce


    Love it! And it arrived earlier than I expected it to. I will definitely be buying another one relatively soon.

  • Gilbert

    The choker is beautiful and I started working with it right away. All my questions were answered fast and kindly. I’ll be back for more.

  • Dona

    A very exquisite piece of jewelry. Love it. Was very happy when it arrived. Good fortune to you always

  • Dona

    Love it. Its a very beautiful piece of jewelry and goes excellent with a couple of other necklaces i have...Good fortune to you always

  • Kasey

    Ordered this for my husbands birthday and he loves it!

  • Elizabeth

    I have wanted to buy something from this shop for so long. And when I did, it was even more beautiful than I thought it would be. Very true to the picture, but just holding it in my hand, it is breathtaking. Such amazing work!

  • Kaia

    The pendant was even more incredible in person. Will absolutely buy again!

  • Андрей Лисогор

    Кулон очень красивый, в реальности намного красивее, чем на фотографии. Заказ бы выслан в тот же день, все очень точно и аккуратно. Огромное спасибо за моментальное исполнение заказа и очень красивое украшение! Всем рекомендую

  • Sheila

    It's beautiful. The actual piece is beyond what the picture shows. Gorgeous. Thanks. Great work. Be safe,blessings.

  • Sarah

    Lo adoro, stupendo e di ottima qualità

  • Spiral wire wrapped jewelry necklace


    Beautiful craftsmanship, quick delivery. I love this necklace and will purchase again.

  • Juliane

    So beautiful ! Thank you very much for this beautiful creation, my wife loved it.

  • Camille

    Wow!!! This necklace is stunning. Beautiful detail work and craftsmanship. I love it! Thank you :)

  • Martha

    Thank you so much for another beautiful piece!!!

  • Timyra

    Omg this stunning piece is truly amazing and fits me at heart, my mind, body, spirit. I love the fact that she only makes one of each creation…makes me feel truly special as if I’m the only in the world. Peace and Blessings I LOVE😍💞 YOUR CRAFTSMANSHIP AND LOOK FORWARD TO FUTURE PURCHASES! THANK YOU ARTARINA 🖤~Namaste~🖤 🍃💜👽💜🍃

  • Robert

    We love it. Thanks for your great work. This was definitely not our last order :-)

  • Blue labradorite copper necklace


    I am only taking this off to shower!! This is the most gorgeous necklace I have ever worn!! Thank you so much!!!

  • Rieks

    Very nice hanger. Good description. I recommend this shop.

  • Martha

    Beautiful piece. Thank you for sharing your creativity with the world.

  • Light blue flashy labradorite stone copper shiny handcrafted necklace


    I love my pendant. It’s so beautiful. It’s perfect.

  • Philippe

    Très beau bijou, livraison rapide, bien présenté en petit boite livré dans une enveloppe bulle, bien protégé. Je fabrique des bijou et la qualité est vraiment au top. Bravo pour vos réalisations

  • copper necklace on person


    Absolutely stunning piece!! Thank you so much!

  • dreamwinddesigns

    Just gorgeous. Every bit as lovely as the picture.

  • gingivalondon

    Amazing pendant and artist very unique!!!

  • falyncahall

    Absolutely beautiful and well made! Will definitely be buying more from this shop!

  • Rieks

    I like it very much and it is very nice. The Quality and the details are very high. The shipment also was very fast. I highly recomment this shop.

  • Jonathan

    At first I thought these were quite expensive but once I received them I quickly changed my mind. The attention to detail and quality is fucking outstanding. I’ve worn these almost everyday since getting them, absolutely recommend this artist.

  • Nicki

    I’ve ordered 3 items from this and they are each amazing! Unbelievable craftsmanship; very detailed and well executed. I highly recommend this shop!

  • Donna

    Lovely, well crafted. Beautiful piece.

  • Alexandre Del Papa Rossi

    Beautiful Pendant! Great Stone! Excellent Quality! Recommended Seller!!! 5***** 

  • Brittney

    This necklace is so stunning! I can’t begin to express how much I love it! Sooo beautiful! Thank you! 

  • waterlilly7771

    My 3rd beautiful piece from this artist. Awesome work. 

  • David

    Beautiful little necklace <3 <3

  • Rose quartz wirewrapped pendant


    I’m pleased with the quality of the necklace. Craftsmanship and design are on point. Exactly what it is in the photos. Would highly recommend this shop :)

  • Sheila

    BEAUTIFUL pendant! I love the gorgeous artistry that goes into these types of pendants. I think I may put it on a different chain. But, it’s really lovely and very well made. It came beautifully boxed with fast delivery, especially considering it had to be shipped to the United States. Thank you so very much! 💜🥰💜 

  • pcbwireworks

    I bought two pieces from this artist, and I could not be happier. They are stunning and will surely get lots of compliments. The craftsmanship and attention to detail just blow me away. You won’t find this in the department stores!

  • Alexandre Del Papa Rossi

    Beautiful Pendant! Great Work! Recommended Seller!!!

  • waterlilly7771

    Absolutely beautiful piece. Will order again . Great shipping time.

  • mary coe

    Shipped on time and is beautiful, not dark blue, but beautiful. Craftsmanship is great. Thank you

  • Robert

    I am absolutely in love with this pendant. It is Big, Bold, and Beautiful. Different than anything I own. On your website it had the name “Massdfahriel”. I tried to find a translation into English, but couldn’t find one. Can you tell me what it means? It shipped from the Ukraine on 3/11/19 and was here in my mailbox in NY on 3/20/19. That’s some pretty quick shipping. I am very happy. I can not wait to wear it. I’ll be switching to a black cord because the brown suede one is a tad small. I may just make an extender for it.

  • jrkocol

    Shipped on time, but took about 3 weeks to get here. Totally worth the wait, these pieces are stunning! Even more beautiful in person. Really stunning!!

  • wickedlittlemiss

    I ordered five pendants, and every one is a home run.

  • Iryna

    Beautiful! Great job! Thank you!

  • Евгений Тараненко

    Работа очень понравилась. Спасибо вам !)

  • Amethyst copper neckalce


    Very very beautiful!!! 😍 Thank you!! 😘✨ 

  • Babs

    WOW!!! I am thrilled to own a one of a kind pendant like this! It is stunning and the workmanship is outstanding. These are pieces that can be passed on to our children. So they aren’t made of gold..so what…the design itself is of great value. I can only imagine the time spent on making these pieces. These are incredible artists and I commend them on their most beautiful artwork. Thank you!

  • Hauswirt

    The pendant is perfect and it will please my young daughter. Thank you again, Artarin Best wishes, Mietek

  • Light blue amazonite sterling silver pendant in a gift box


    It took me several weeks to find the right piece of jewelry for my fiance. I knew i wanted to give her a crystal pendant, but i wasnt sure where i would find anything that was “her” style. I stumbled on to this shop and really liked everything, but this one piece in particular looked exactly like something my fiance would love. I gave this to her for an anniversary tonight. She’s in love with it and wants to wear it on our wedding day. I just wanted to say thank you on both of our behalf. You do AMAZING work. 

  • klw

    Striking, just as pictured. Thank you. 

  • White moonstone copper necklace


    A beautiful and gorgeous piece of jewelry. Worth every pound. High quality craftsmanship! 

  • Copper necklace with labradorite


    An absolutely stunning piece and extreme amount of detail. Worth every pound. For those buying from the UK shipping is around 2.5 -3weeks. Worth the wait! 

  • Dehz

    Item shipped and arrived on time. It was also packaged nicely. Another amazing piece of art, I’ve been nothing short of incredibly impressed with everything I’ve ordered from here so far. The craftsmanship is really a feast for the eyes of one who loves art. I feel incredibly lucky to have found this shop, the pieces are just SO unique. Absolute precious gems. <3 I highly recommend you purchase whatever piece you have your eyes on, and quickly, before I snag it first! xD This shop never fails to impress. Another 5/5 stars from me!

  • Mathew

    Can’t say enough about how happy I am, the quality and craftsmanship is amazing, well worth the wait 👍

  • Andromeda fly

    Потрясающе тонкая и изящная работа! Спасибо.

  • Bridget

    I absolutely love it!!!

  • Ellen

    Beautiful workmanship. It looks just like the picture. I will definitely order again.

  • Владимир Кузнецов

    Приятно сотрудничать, отправка вовремя, качество изделия отличное. Спасибо:)

  • Jaki

    As you can see from the pictures, the pendant is a genuine work of art! I was hesitant to purchase, due to the international shipping but quickly discovered that it was hassle-free and easy! This is now one of my favorite shops and I’ll be watching for more unique and distinctive designs. 

  • Анна Самарцева

    Спасибо огромное за Вашу работу! Кулон ОЧЕНЬ красивый!

  • Jaki

    Excellent artistry and craftsmanship! As soon as I saw this piece, I knew is was made specifically for me. I am beyond pleased with the beauty, uniqueness and its one-of-a-kind value! 

  • Леонид Круць

    Большое спасибо. Изделие очень красивое, вышел хороший подарок!

  • xavier

    La qualité du bijou est irréprochable. Très belle réalisation d'une grande finesse, le temps de livraison est très correct vu le lieu d'expédition malgré une absence de suivi. je recommande ce fournisseur. 

  • Jerome

    Outstanding. Wife loves it. Very well made

  • David

    Absolutely Beautiful I love it

  • Вадим Калацей

    Тонкая работа. Кулон завораживает.

  • Triangle shaped wirewrapped pendant necklace


    Such an amazing piece got it on time for vaca and it got alot of attention thank you very much!

  • Jacqueline

    The necklace is divine! Thank you so much 

  • Elly

    Amazing stone in an absolutely stunning setting. I love the soft copper glow of the patina wire, the elegant movement of the swirling metal, and the delicate precision of the wrapping is amazing! Thank you! 

  • Алексей Коцур

    Чудовий виріб.Оригінально і просто фантастично. Приемна енергія.Дякую.

  • Mary

    As pictured and better in person ! Beautiful original Work ❤️

  • Анна Калюжная

    Спасибо, доставили оперативно, никаких проблем с заказом не возникло. Очень красивое украшение

  • Kayla315

    Absolutely beautiful craftsmanship! Excellent transaction, thank you! 

  • Raven

    This necklace came after a couple weeks, as described by the seller. When I opened the box, my breath was literally taken away by the beauty of the stone as well as the craftsmanship. It is EXACTLY as pictured, not like many sellers who photograph their work in optimal light and enhance the colors later. It shines beautifully! I don’t think I’ll ever take it off :) 

  • Dragon

    She arrived today! Absolutely love this piece, it’s even more stunning than the pictures. The Labradorite is so flashy and the metal work is very well done. Lovely wire wrapping as well! A master piece! 😊💙 

  • PiscesDreamer

    I received this pendant today and it is absolutely beautiful! It looks even better in person. I purchased this as a gift and I am wishing that I could keep it for myself. The seller was very friendly and helpful in answering my questions. Thank you for such a amazing piece of art!

  • Rick

    Looks Amazing And Is Amazing. Thankyou

  • Christine

    Absolutely beautiful! It arrived on time, and I am very pleased. (We purchased two)

  • liferush43

    Beautiful craftsmanship.

  • kgnmggreen

    Beautiful necklace, my wife will love it!

  • Midori

    Of course I love this pendant top! Thank you so much for your beautiful work! ^_^

  • labradorite rustic copper necklace


    Thankyou so much! Its beautiful. Beautifully crafted. Cant wait to wear it out. Sending all my friends to you!

  • Carol

    Beautiful work with amazing detail ! Love it !

  • Laura

    Another stunning piece. Fast shipping. Your work is phenomenal!

  • Laura

    This piece is amazing! The craftsmanship is above and beyond. I received it quickly as well. Thank You!!

  • Érica

    very beautiful. I admire the work of this artist. fast delivery. Everything prefect. Grateful

  • cathycarpediem1

    This piece is simply stunning! The color of the stone is amazing and the wire wrapping is phenomenal. A true work of art and I have received so many compliments. A favorite necklace. I highly recommend this shop

  • Brass golden color crescent moon handmade necklace


    Collier magnifique très bonne communication et réception rapide merci beaucoup

  • Ronja

    The necklace came in a beautiful box, and the pendant is even more beautiful than expected! Wonderful quality, I am totally in love <3

  • Airwolf

    Love this pendant. Beautiful work

  • Connie

    Arrived in amazing time to Hawaii, half-way around the world. Sea turtles (honu) are very popular here in jewelry, tattoos, and all sorts of symbolic design. This one is gorgeous. The stone is perfect and the detail in the handworked wire is incredible. I “dabble” in wire working and I’m nowhere near to this level of talent. Truly inspiring. Totally happy with every aspect. Highly recommend the shop