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Steam punk clothing outfit, industrial jewelry, darkwear cyberpunk fashion, boyfriend aesthetic necklace

Steam punk clothing outfit, industrial jewelry, darkwear cyberpunk fashion, boyfriend aesthetic necklace

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Materials & Dimensions

    • Material: pure copper, gemstone
    • Stone: labradorite
    • Finishing: oxidized and polished
    • Size: 30x62 mm
    • One of a kind piece


    • Free Worldwide Shipping
    • Departs within 1-2 days of purchase.
    • Shipping to USA, UK, Europe takes 1-3 weeks
    Pendant is 100% handmade, one of a kind and unique. Original design by Artarina

    In the heart of a bustling metropolis, where the echoes of steam-powered engines mingle with the hum of neon lights, there strides a figure cloaked in the avant-garde fusion of steampunk and cyberpunk fashion. Their attire is a symphony of gears, leather, and circuitry, a testament to the ingenuity of a world where past and future collide.

    Adorned with industrial jewelry that glimmers with the patina of age and the sheen of modernity, this enigmatic individual wears their heritage and their aspirations with equal pride. Bracelets crafted from gears and cogs interlock with sleek metallic bands, each piece a nod to the mechanical marvels that power the city.

    Their darkwear cyberpunk ensemble is a vision of rebellion and style, featuring sleek leather jackets adorned with glowing LED accents and trousers that blend form and function seamlessly. Augmented reality eyewear rests atop their brow, projecting a digital overlay onto the urban landscape, while cybernetic implants peek out from beneath their clothing, hinting at a symbiosis between flesh and machine.

    Amidst the intricate tapestry of their attire, a singular accessory catches the eye—a boyfriend aesthetic necklace, a delicate chain adorned with a rugged pendant, a symbol of intimacy and connection amidst the chaos of the city streets. Its presence is a reminder that even in a world defined by technology and industry, there is room for warmth and humanity.

    As they navigate the labyrinthine alleyways and towering skyscrapers of the cityscape, this individual is a beacon of defiance and individuality, a living embodiment of the synthesis between past and future, tradition and innovation. In their wake, they leave a trail of inspiration and curiosity, inviting others to join them in the dance of progress and rebellion.

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    Shipping Details


    ◉ We support full international shipping to any country

    ◉ Parcel departs from Kharkiv (Ukraine) same or next day of purchase.

    ◉ Each parcel has a valid track number.

    ◉ Shipping to USA, UK, Europe takes 8-30 days

    ◉ During Christmas holidays shipping can take more time because of overloaded mail services.

    Care Instruction

    ◉ Keep your pendant in a dry dark place, and try to avoid contact with household chemicals and aggressive chemical environment (remove when painting hair, etc.).

    ◉ To maintain patina contrast, it is not recommended to use aggressive methods for cleaning jewelry (boiling in chemicals, using acids), since there is a risk of damaging some natural stones and minerals, and completely removing patina from the metal.

Copper gets darken with time. To return the original shine, simply wipe the convex sections on your necklace (in case of severe darkening it is permissible to apply a little toothpaste on a dry cloth), and then rinse the product with water and wipe it with a soft textile

    ◉ You can use old toothbrush and liquid dishwasher (like Fairy for example) to clean your necklace

    Returns policy

    If, for some reason, the pendant does not satisfy you - you can contact us and ship item back within 14 days of delivery.