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Labradorite stone wire wrap necklace

Labradorite stone wire wrap necklace

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Materials & Dimensions

    • Copper, Silver, Labradorite
    • Oxidized and polished
    • 65x25 mm
    • Free gift suede cord included 


    • Worldwide Shipping
    • Departs within 1-2 days of purchase.
    • Shipping to USA, UK, Europe takes 2-6 weeks

    Blue Labradorite is believed to have various magical properties, which have been revered and studied by many cultures throughout history. Here are some of the commonly attributed magical properties of blue labradorite:

    1. Intuition: Blue Labradorite is believed to enhance one's intuitive abilities and promote psychic development. It's said to help you tap into your inner knowing and understand things beyond the physical realm.

    2. Spiritual Awareness: Blue Labradorite is believed to help connect you with the spiritual realm and raise your spiritual awareness. It's said to aid in meditation and help you access higher states of consciousness.

    3. Clarity: Blue Labradorite is believed to enhance mental clarity and aid in decision making. It's said to help you see things more clearly and objectively, allowing you to make more informed choices.

    4. Protection: Blue Labradorite is believed to offer protection from negative energies and psychic attacks. It's said to act as a shield against harmful energies and promote a sense of safety and security.

    5. Creativity: Blue Labradorite is believed to enhance creativity and inspire new ideas. It's said to help you tap into your imagination and access new levels of inspiration.

    Overall, Blue Labradorite is considered a powerful stone that can offer a wide range of benefits for the mind, body, and spirit. Its magical properties make it a popular choice for those seeking spiritual and emotional healing, as well as those looking to enhance their intuitive and creative abilities.

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    Shipping Details

    $5 for a Standard international shipping


    ◉ We support full international shipping to any country. 
(Please note that in some countries, EU, as example, might be charged taxes when you will receiving the parcel. Read about EU changes)

    ◉ Parcel departs from Kharkiv (Ukraine) within 1-2 days of purchase.

    ◉ You will be informed about shipping with track number of parcel on your email.

    ◉ Each pendant comes in a various color gift box

    ◉ Free gift suede cord included to each parcel

    ◉ Shipping to USA, UK, Europe takes 2-6 weeks.

    ◉ During the Christmas holidays, Covid Pandemic and war in Ukraine (which we are located) it may take a longer time (up to 1-2 month) because of overloaded mail services

    Care Instruction

    ◉ Keep your pendant in a dry dark place, and try to avoid contact with household chemicals and aggressive chemical environment (remove when painting hair, etc.).

    ◉ To maintain patina contrast, it is not recommended to use aggressive methods for cleaning jewelry (boiling in chemicals, using acids), since there is a risk of damaging some natural stones and minerals, and completely removing patina from the metal.

Copper gets darken with time. To return the original shine, simply wipe the convex sections on your necklace (in case of severe darkening it is permissible to apply a little toothpaste on a dry cloth), and then rinse the product with water and wipe it with a soft textile

    ◉ You can use old toothbrush and liquid dishwasher (like Fairy for example) to clean your necklace

    Returns policy

    If, for some reason, the pendant does not satisfy you - you can contact us and ship item back within 14 days of delivery.