Tutorials zum Drahtwickeln

  • This is the fourth pendant I’ve purchased and am even more impressed
    than before. Such beautiful but durable craftsmanship. My original
    pendant is three years old but still looks like I just got it. I get
    compliments every time I wear a piece and will always highly recommend
    this seller and their artwork. Thank you for your amazing work!


  • The product is amazing. I loved it. I put this note for the shipment
    because there were many problems in the customs of my country, it is not
    a problem of the store, but of Spain and its procedures. The seller has
    helped me in everything. I highly recommend shopping in this store. The
    product is really magical.

    - El Cuervo

  • Beautiful ring. this was my first time using a drill and soldering but perfected
    it the second time trying. awesome ring can’t wait to try out the other
    tutorials. my friends loved it!

    - Alexia