Example of patinated copper necklaces

What does "patinated copper" mean?

We create each item from raw natural materials. After making a necklace, cleaning and polishing, we adding a dark patina layer on each piece.

Patina - is a layer on a metal surface produced by oxidation process to improve relief and texture, make item more aesthetically appealing and protect necklace from tarnishing.

This process is especially necessary for copper.

Besides that it makes copper pendant much more beautiful, without this layer the necklace would became darker just in several days in an open air.

So this is how this process goes by visual:

First - we are polishing and cleaning the wire necklace

Looks nice, huh? Almost like rose gold, but this color wouldn't keep long uncoated on its surface.


Next - the patinating process

On this stage it is necessary to keep timing process for a beautiful and strong patina layer


Third - we dry and polish the necklace again to improve ornamental texture

This is how the necklace looks like while the whole surface is dark and matte


The last step - after a final polishing, necklace looks nice again:

Now this patina layer will protect hard-to reach parts.

All what you will need to care about your copper jewelry - it's simply keep necklace without an air access (plastic or another box would fit great) when you do not wearing it on your chest.

And just rub on top and wash sometimes (you can use toothbrush and liquid dishwasher for that) for keep it clean and beautiful.

p.s. Some artists trying to protect their jewelry from tarnishing by a lacquer. We do not welcome that and our items keeps clean. The lacquer layer could became cracked with time. Necklace would became darker and darker behind that and there will be no access to clean it somehow until you would remove lacquer by a some acid chemical (which can completely destroy some natural gemstones).

So we prefer let you full access in to your item.

Hope that you will keep your jewelry clean and wear them each day with a joy!

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Hi, Yonatan!

Copper is a very active metal. To keep it shiny you need to polish copper items from time to time with some hard fiber.

You can of course use lacquer or resin, for example, to completely cover the copper item. This will protect it for a some time, but lacquer may partially peeled off the item, so it will be harder to clean the piece after that. That’s why i prefer only high-quality sanding and polishing. It’s not hard to make good polished copper shiny again just with hands.

And you can always choose silver if tarnishing is a problem for you. It stays bright and shiny way more longer than copper does.

p.s. this comment section not the best way to chat. If you have more questions, go to instagram: @_artarina_ and feel fre to ask me there about anything directly or in the comments to posts.


Hi, i love your art and I wonder What do you put on the copper to keep it shiny? And if it stays shiny?


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