The creators of atrarina - Pavel and Arina

How we became a wire wrappers

I think i should tell you a bit more than in short main page text, so here it is...

Who we are and how we found such a great hobby?

My name is Arina.

More then a 10 years i was a web designer. I thought that graphic design is my calling and destiny and that my job will never gonna change. Actually, became a great designer, was my obsession, was a dream.

I spended a years to prove my skills, had a good income and so on.

Everything was great until my parents got sick. They both were dying while i was waiting for my first and only child. So i pulled myself together and started to work harder and harder to pay their treatment, to save them. I just couldn't put up with the fact that i can lose them both any moment.

Five years has passed and suddenly i understood that i do not remember not any single day from that times. My life was moving behind me while i was working and working, and working some more. It burhed me out completely.

On that days, just by a fluke i noticed some wire ring in web.

I didn't knew not any thing about gemstones, metals and techniques then.

I was just Needed That Ring!)

On my bad (oh no, good) luck the creator was with a big crown on her head. "I will make that ring a whole week and it will cost you all the money in the world" - she said.

And i asked myself. Who is a designer here?) I need to try this thing.

And yes. Wire wrapping just blowed my mind.

I still do not know was it a power of  an art, or a natural stones in my hands, but i felt how peace comes in to my soul. Day by day i was wrapping after my regular job and it was some kind of therapy. One day i just realized how happy person now i am. And what surprised me - it was that people wanna wear my jewelry.

I understood that i just need to make that final step and quit designing. 

And i did with never ever regrets about.

And here it comes to Pavel since i never was alone and just couldn't get through all of that without him. He was, he is, and hi will be my biggest support in this life.

He didn't believed in himself. Was just walking around, joking about my wire hobby...but i've seen that he want to try it too. I convinced him that he Need to try if it calls him.

He learned all much faster then i did and i think that his jewelry now is much more beautiful than mine).


But it was you, the customers, who instilled in him self-confidence.

What now?

I know that our story doesn't sounds like "was born by unicorns with wire in hands and here are all our 100 diplomas" but it is as it is, and i want to be honest.

I shall not say how much we love stones, nature etc. since you all know that this things is beloved by you, by me, and by all the people in the world.

I just want to wish you have a great happy and healthy life with all of your family around.

We want to share with you our art. Hope that our jewelry would inspire you and bring some peace in your life just as they bring it to ours.

Much love,


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